the Anarchist Federation in Manchester




The Wildcat group was formed in the early 1980s by members of the Manchester Solidarity and ICC groups. They started by bringing our a regular A4 newsletter, Wildcat. This was at a time of quite vigorous class struggle at the start of Thatcher's reign.Wildcat went on to help form the Intercom network. This brought together groups of a libertarian and council communist persuasion from around the country. They met regularly and produced a number of issues of a discussion paper called Intercom. In 1985, Wildcat merged with the libertarian group from Newcastle and Stoke, Careless Talk., who had also been part of the Intercom network. Wildcat went on to have groups in Manchester, Notingham and London.They produced a number of issues of an irregular paper/magazine called Wildcat which was popular during the MIners Strike. After the defeat of the miners, Wildcat began to shrink in size and by 1987 had dissolved itself. Members and sympathisers of Wildcat then formed the Subversion group.We have reproduced a number of Wildcat texts on this site.

  • Class War on the Home Front - Revolutionary opposition to the Second World War. Articles and discussion from the pages of Solidarity, the journal of the Anti-Parliamentary communist Federation. Published by Wildcat in 1986. 

  • Capitalism and its Revolutionary Destruction In the 1980s, Wildcat was one of the most important of the new communist groups in Britain.  Here we publish their basic statement which explains how they viewed the world.

  • Leninism or Communism by Wildcat.  A contribution to the demystification of the Russian Revolution.  Lenin as social democrat rather than revolutionary communist.

  • How Socialist is the SWP?  Originally published in 1985 by Wildcat.  An analysis of everyone's favourite marxist leninist party!  With particular emphasis on their involvement in the Miners' Strike.  Interesting parallels with today.