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Anarchist Federation Pamphlets

This is old information on an archived site - please visit for the latest publications available from the AF or alternatively visit our Patreon page.

There are two ways to read our pamphlets:

  1. Click this link and be automatically redirected to where you can read them all online or download them as pdf files. You can also read pamphlets which are now out of print.
  2. Order real, paper copies. You can do this online by clicking this link. To make it easier to order them we take Paypal.


We currently have the following texts available in print:

Resistance to Nazism

Aspects of Anarchism

Beyond Resistance

The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation

Work and the Free Society

Defending Anonymity - thoughts on the struggle against ID Cards.

There are online versions of:

Beating the Poll Tax

Manifesto of Libertarian Communism

Against Parliament, For Anarchism

Basic Bakunin

The Anarchist Movement in Japan

Anarchism As We See It

Ecology and Class

A BRIEF FLOWERING OF FREEDOM: The Hungarian Revolution 1956.

Towards a Fresh Revolution, by the Friends of Durruti.

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