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News has a comprehensive news service. Regularly updated. Heavy emphasis on class struggle.

A INFOS is a a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

Indymedia Manchester. Radical news and views.

Media and Music


Margimages A website full of beautiful digital images. We've used them for illustrations in pamphlets. A must visit.

Anarchist radio in south Manchester Every other Thursday 11.00pm-1.00am on ALL FM 96.9 across south, central and east Manchester and online at

riot folk

Riot Folk describe themselves:

Making folk a threat again!

We are an anti-profit mutual-aid collective of radical artists and musicians. We make music to provoke, educate, heal and inspire, with the end-goal of doing away with capitalism and building a free and just society

Their site has loads of free folk music to download and listen to. Check it out.

Open Music Archive - more free music. All copyright free. "Open Music Archive is a collaborative initiative to source, digitise and distribute out of copyright sound recordings. The archive is open for anyone to use and contribute to." The music is very old, but give it a try. Find out what your granny danced to!

Manchester Punks.

Friends of the AF, on our Defy ID Benefit CD.

Brilliant Manchester Ska Punk band.

Nicely political lyrics. Check out Bigger Than Punk Rock.

chomsky torrents

a great torrent site. It features radical audio and video, much by Noam Chomsky - hence the name.


The International of Anarchist Federations - the International the AF are part of.

Working Class United. New site for anarchists in Australia and New Zealand. Decent politics.


Anarchia - trying to set up an Anarchist Federation in New Zealand. If you hail from there, get in touch.

Local Sites

Anarchistanonymous A site by some anarchists in Horsham. Lots on Music, school, the cops and more. Definitely worth a look.

People of Freedom - a Chester based site.

Action Without Theory - an eclectic local blog, "The first stop for rebels and renegades on the web. Action unites us - theory divides us."

Manchester IWW - the local branch of the Industrial Workers of the World. Some of us are members of this fast growing industrial union.

National Sites


Anarchist Federation - our national site.

Anti-fa - Militant Anti-Fascists.

Freedom Press - Website for London based Freedom books and Newspaper, which likes to pretend it's been going since 1886.

IWW UK - UK Industrial Workers of the World site. Anti-capitalist industrial union. - is a UK wide anti-authoritarian site, the largest Anarchist based website in the UK. The forums are awesome.

Solidarity Federation - Website for Solidarity Federation, Anarcho-Syndicalists

Other Recommended Sites

Collective Action Notes

Collective Action Notes is a publication from Baltimore which documents and discusses different struggles (strikes, occupations, etc.) world-wide. We are interested in understanding class struggle and the different forms it takes in the present period, forms ranging from overt and highly visible struggles such as the French public sector strike wave in the winter of 1995 to more 'hidden ' forms of class struggle such as absenteeism. sabotage (broadly defined ), etc.

Subversion Home Page

(Also contains material on the German Revolution.)

Highly Recommended!

John Gray Home Page

Another source of excellent texts, including more Pannekoek

Break Their Haughty Power

Loren Goldner's Web page

"Eclipse and Remergence Of The Communist Movement" - Jean Barrot

Another good site for ultra-left texts.

Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution

A classic 30s era text from the Dutch Council Communist group GIK.

Aut-Op-Sy Home Page

Contains good archives loosely influenced by Italian autonomist marxism. Another highly recommended site.

A Non-Dogmatic Approach To Marxism - Karl Korsch

Class Against Class

Negri, Korsch, Mattick and more

AK Press (Distributor and Mail order for Anarchist and other radical materials)

Fragments E-Zine





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