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On this page are a number of pamphlets by anarchists, council communists and other socialists which we have found useful. For more pamphlets, see the Wildcat, Subversion and Solidarity pages.

Workers struggles:

  • The Origin of the Movement for Workers Councils in Germany.  Written in 1974 by the Workers Voice group in Liverpool and London.  The struggle of the working class in Germany at the end of the First World War.

  • Jan Appel's Story  Jan Appel was a revolutionary who took part in the German Revolution.  This is his own account of his life - including the visit to Moscow on a hi-jacked boat to confront Lenin with his betrayal of the Revolution.

  • The Wilhelmshaven Revolt sub-titled 'A Chapter of the Revolutionary Movement in the German Navy, 1918-1919'. Another text on the German Revolution.  This time the tale of how the sailors rebelled and set up their own soviets.  Written by 'Ikarus', a participant.

  • 1956 The Hungarian Revolution originally published by Scorcher Publications in the 1980s as No.1 in a series of Council Communist Pamphlets..  An account of the workers uprising in Hungary. For details of printed version, click here.

  • The Firefighters Strike A short pamphlet produced by the London based group, No War But The Class War. This text is in pdf form.

  • Harass the Brass.  A short pamphlet by Kevin Keating from San Francisco.  The story of mutiny, fragging and desertions in the US military during the Vietnam War.  

  • On Academies. An AF member describes his school's efforts to fight the Britsh states latest plans to effectively privatise schools.

  • The Scum - Barbed Wire Lies - a parody of Tin Tin. Produced in 1986 during the printworkers dispute against News International. Either read it on line or download a pdf file of the whole text.

Anti-Parliamentary Communism:

  • Anti-Parliamentarism and Communism in Britain, 1917-1921 by R. F. Jones  This pamphlet attempts to show how an evolving British Communist movement was taken over by the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) and turned into something quite alien. It also shows how the terms libertarian and 'socialist' or 'communist' are not necessarily opposites. No 2 in the series of Council Communist Pamphlets by Scorcher Publications. For details of printed version, click here.

  • Anti-Parliamentary Communism: The Movement for Workers Councils in Britain, 1917-45 by Mark Shipway - the definitive history of the Workers Dreadnought and the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation.

  • Class War on the Home Front - Revolutionary opposition to the Second World War. Articles and discussion from the pages of Solidarity, the journal of the Anti-Parliamentary communist Federation. Published by Wildcat in 1986. 

  • Capitalism and its Revolutionary Destruction In the 1980s, Wildcat was one of the most important of the new communist groups in Britain.  Here we publish their basic statement which explains how they viewed the world.

  • a modest proposal for how the BAD OLD DAYS WILL END Introduction from the Pandora's Books edition. This article was first produced in 1975 by REINVENTION OF EVERYDAY LIFE in California. It was reprinted in the UK by Social Revolution (who have since merged with Solidarity). We are reprinting it because its once again unavailable in this country, and because despite its rather starry-eyed optimism, it outlines very clearly social and political perspectives we would broadly agree with. That said, it's no sacred text and we don't agree with every word. No pamphlet will change the world - however we found this one interesting and we hope you do as well.

Against Leninism:

  • Rosa Luxemburg Leninism or Marxism?  This may seem a strange one to find on an anarchist web site, but it shows that even in 1904, revolutionary Marxists like Luxemburg had begun to see the way Lenin was heading towards counter revolution.

  • Leninism or Communism by Wildcat.  A contribution to the demystification of the Russian Revolution.  Lenin as social democrat rather than revolutionary communist.

  • How Socialist is the SWP?  Originally published in 1985 by Wildcat.  An analysis of everyone's favourite marxist leninist party!  With particular emphasis on their involvement in the Miners' Strike.  Interesting parallels with today.


Against the War on Terror:


  • PANOPTICAN SOCIETY AKA WHERE YOU ARE N IT'S GONNA GET WORSE against ID Cards -a text delivered at our last conference by a member of Manchester Anarchist group.

  • Trouble at t' Mill Town.  A short response by AF members in Oldham to the riots.

  • You Can't Blow Up A Social Relationship The Anarchist Case Against Terrorism. Written in Australia, a cogent argument against urban guerilla type struggles, but not from a pacifist perspective.
  • Labouring in Vain.  A critical analysis of the origins of the Labour Party.  Published in 1993.

  • A Day in the Life of the Car - 24 damning facts.  A short text looking at the car, its place in capitalist society and briefly why anarchist communism would be better without reliance on it.

  • Food, Glorious Food.  The case against genetically modified foodstuffs.

  • Open Letter to the ICC  lest we  forget.  The degeneration of a once influential political organisation, written by ex-members.

  • News From Nowhere by William Morris. This will take you to the following site: It is the complete text of this brilliant utopian novel.


    Printed versions of online texts:

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    "The Experience of the Factory Committees in the Russian Revolution - 
    CC Pamphlet n° 2 ) 
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