Part 1 Basic Principles 1917-24

  1. 'Anti-Parliamentarianism' and 'Communism'

  2. The Russian Revolution

  3. The Labour Party

  4. Trade Unions and Industrial Organisation

Part 2 Continuity and Change

  1. The Late Twenties and Early Thirties

  2. The Split in the APCF and Formation of the USM

Part 3 Capitalist war and Class War 1936-45

  1. The Civil War in Spain

  2. The Second World War

  3. A Balance Sheet

Notes and References The complete references for the book.

The project to put this book on the internet started several years ago on the Subversion site.  The work on the first 4 chapters was a collaborative effort with one comrades behind the excellent John Gray website.  The work has lain in abeyance until recently when we obtained new OCR software.  This enabled us to finish the task.

This is the definitive history of the Workers Dreadnought, Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation, Glasgow Anarchist Group and other Council Communist Groups between the two world wars. It is the most complete text on the involvement of Guy Aldred and Sylvia Pankhurst that we have found.