The leaflet we produced for the day war broke out.

If they want war ......

As you read this, this country is officially at war with Iraq.  The UK spent thirty years in building up Saddam Hussein, arming him, supplying him with weapons of torture, weapons of death and weapons of mass destruction. When he was no longer useful,  he was encouraged to invade Kuwait and “reclaim” what was “rightfully his”. When he followed up on this encouragement, the British and American governments declared war on him, his country and his people. Over the last twelve years, British and American pilots have spent millions of pounds dropping thousands of bombs on Iraqi towns and villages. They have killed children, workers, livestock and old people.


The British and US governments have spent the last twelve years blocking imports of essential medicines to Iraqi hospitals. The UN itself has suggested that these sanctions may have resulted in the death of half a million children aged under 5. The total number of dead Iraqi civilians is estimated to be around 2 million. 


Here in the UK, there were no huge protests at this long drawn out torture of the Iraqi people. The truth was never told to the majority of English people, but some groups  kept an eye on what was happening. Thanks to them, when it became clear that the USA wanted to go to war some time last year, the resistance kicked off. Bush could have bombed the hell out of Iraq months ago, but our resistance stopped him...until now. Blair is finished, because we resisted. The world stood up to the blustering monster in Washington because we resisted. The whole future of world politics is different because we resisted.


Blair is currently using our taxes to murder and maim innocent civilians. The bombs that we paid for will poison the land, leave thousands homeless and condemn tens of thousands of starving children to an early grave. But our resistance will help the long-suffering Iraqis survive, long after their enemies have been written into history. Bush and Blair are not attacking as the Strong men of the Universe. They are attacking as desperate bullies.


Our resistance is needed now more than ever. We have seen how ineffective protesting peacefully is. The peaceful nature of the protests so far has been laughed off by the very people who are now slaughtering thousands as you stand there reading this. The time has come to up the ante. The time has come to fight back. Now we should bring the war to the warmongers.


Civil disobedience will hamper their war effort. Take on your MP in any way that seems appropriate. Join every protest. Start up your own anti-war group at work or in your neighbourhood. Block roads. Graffiti walls. Don’t pay your taxes if they’re going to be used to murder young kids.



Let's give them war