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Dey ID Benefit CD - £4.00 (UK)/£5.00 (everywhere else)



The Defy ID CD Vol 1

DC to raise funds for Defy ID propaganda. Produced by the AF in Manchester. Features:

Off With Their Heads - Inner Terrestrials
Say No More - Instant Agony
Do or Die - Roadkill
Rise Again - Impact
The Bible According to Rupert Murdoch - Attila the Stockbroker
Stars O’er the Stir... - Suicide Bid
Fuck Knows Maniac - Short Bus Window Lickers
Hearing Nothing About a Revolution - Eastfield
Pigs Will Pay - Casual Terrorists
Hierarchy - Kismet H.C.
Uberwretch - Rev Porl
Anti-Police Aggro - Oi Polloi
You’re Fired - Spam
Identity Crisis - Kamikaze Sperm
Reality is Waiting For a Bus - Subhumans

Our thanks to all the bands for their contributions.


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