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This is an archived website of up to 2011.

The archive is maintained by the Anarchist Federation.

It also links to contemporary websites & texts including our international.

The online shop is closed but please visit our Patreon site.

Who We Are

We are the Manchester Group of the Anarchist Federation, an organisation of class struggle anarchists in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. There are other northern AF groups in Preston, Sheffield, Liverpool and Nottingham. We have members in other towns, including Barnsley, Gateshead, Halifax, Hull, Newcastle and York. By bringing together northern anarchist communists, we hope to be able to support each other and further the growth of our movement and spread of anarchist ideas.

What We Want

We aim to be part of the movement to abolish capitalism and all oppression and to create a free communist society.  This is anarchist communism. [more]

Two articles to read

Why We Want You to Join the Anarchist Federation

Organising for Resistance. An Interview with an AFed activist.

Local publications

Northern Resistance - a pdf version of our Manchester bulletin.

The Fargate Speaker - a pdf of Sheffield AF's bulletin.

Nottingham Sparrow - by Nottingham AF.

There is also an archive of texts produced by Manchester AF in recent years. Click here to view them.

Anarchist Federation Publications

Resistance - this is the AF's monthly news bulletin. You can get a copy by clicking on this link. You'll either be able to read it as a pdf or as an html file.

Organise - our magazine. It comes out twice a year and covers issues in more depth. Available by clicking here. You can buy a paper copy by clicking here. We take Paypal.

Pamphlets - the Anarchist Federation has produced a range of pamphlets. These are available on the web. Click here. Or you can buy a copy using our online ordering page.

We have a range of stickers, copies of which are available for distribution. Click here or on the picture.

anarchist stickers

Wildcat, Subversion and Solidarity

On this site you'll also find archives of the libertarian socialist group Solidarity and council communist groups Subversion and Wildcat. Both Subversion and Wildcat were predominantly based in Manchester in the 1980s and 1990s.




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