Organise! magazine

If you would like to order Anarchist Federation publications or make a donation, send a cheque or postal order payable to 'AFED' to BM ANARFED, London, WC1N 3XX, England, UK. Please email us at for any questions about availability or bulk orders.
*** Some of these items are also available online from AK Press or Active Distribution.

Available items are as follows (inclusive of packing and postage):

Resistance bulletin and Organise! magazine

Resistance bulletin annual subscription (10 issues a year) UK addresses:£8.00, Anywhere in EU: £15.00, Rest of World: £20.00

Organise! magazine annual subscription (2 issues a year) UK addresses: £6.00, EU addresses: £7.00, Outside Europe: £8.00

Joint annual subscription (2 issues of Organise!, 10 issues of Resistance) UK addresses only:£14.00, EU addresses: £22.00, Rest of World: £28.00

Single copy of Organise! magazine (latest issue) UK addresses: £3.50, EU addresses: £4.00, Rest of world: £4.50.


Introduction to Anarchist Communism - our newest pamphlet £2.50 (UK) and £3.00 (overseas).
Against Nationalism £2.50 (UK) and £3.00 (overseas).
Beyond Resistance - a revolutionary manifesto £2.50 (UK) and £3.00 (overseas).
Work - why it's so awful and why we must get rid of it. £2.50 (UK) and £3.00 (overseas).
Resistance to Nazism £2.00 (UK) and £2.50 (overseas).
Defending Anonymity - against ID cards £0.50 (UK) and £1.00 (overseas).
The Anarchist Movement in Japan, by John Crump £2.50 (UK) and £3.00 (overseas)

All additional donations gratefully received to allow us to publish and print new pamphlets.